Welcome to Brooklin Ontario. If you haven’t heard of it, you don’t know what you’ve been missing.

Within the Town of Whitby sits Brooklin – a charming and well-formed township that is home to 20,000 neighbours. From buildings and structures, to streetscapes and archaeological sites, this unique community has a rich and unique cultural heritage and is a designated heritage conservation district.

Meet the Locals

It’s a great walk-to-destination for families who move to Brooklin. Mom and dad can have a coffee or tea and the kids can have froyo. There are also board games available to play.

– Sheila Corrigan (owner) The Goodberry

We specialize in fish & chips and the only one in town. We have a really family oriented clientele. It gets very busy around supper time almost every day.

– Paul Stanley (owner) Stanleys Fish and Chips

We offer all plant based, vegan items. Everything is fresh and prepared daily. The restaurant has a fun (and healthy) reputation in the area.

– Rachel Bell (manager) Copper Branch

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